The August 20, 2008, the Flight JK5022 of Spanair Airline departing Gran Canaria, crashed on Runway 36-L Barajas Airport in Madrid, 154 people die and 18 survive. Four years later, more than 90 families grouped under the Association of Affected of Flight JK5022 (AVJK5022) and representing a victim and/or survivor, still trying to prove the true causes of the biggest air disaster in 25 years Spain.

JK5022; A Chain of Errores tells the research carried out by the AVJK5022 during more than three years. Displays by firrst time the chain of errors that led to the tragedy and has been hidden in the A 032/2008 Oficial Report by the Spanish Administration, CIAIAC (Accident Investigation Commission and Incidents of Civil Aviation) . Its 308 folios fell like a slab of cement on the AVJK5022 families efforts, which were done to elucidate the causes of the tragedy of 20.8.2008, with clearly unequal resources.

The documentary show the A-32/2008 Official Report faults and claims the necessary reforms to make the necessary reforms to make safer for all users of air transport, as eternal tribute to the memory of 172 passangers of Flight JK5022.